How to Make it Rain: 

(NOTE: This instructional guide is intended to produce droplets of water falling from the sky, NOT dollar bills.  For more on the monetary version of Making it Rain, please see the entry on Jones, Pacman 1A as a lesson on how to Make it Rain (Selectively).)

Step 1: Select a book you’d like to read.

Step 2: Take said book and any awake children left in your charge outside.

Step 3: (Optional, but further guarantees presence of rain) Water your garden.

Step 4: Sit down.  Rain should commence within 30 seconds if it did not already begin during Step 3. 

How to Make it Stop Raining

Step 1: Take your unread book indoors.  You have completed this “How to Make it Stop Raining” Guide!

I have pictures of knitting, the kiddo, and the garden, but flickr and our new internet are not friendly.  The new internet makes me curse a boatload. 


Summer in Our Yard

Dax and I spend many mornings picking raspberries and poking around the backyard before it gets hot.  A few days ago, the sky was a little overcast and the light was just perfect for taking some close-ups of all our little treasures.

I love the colors of these plums that fall to the ground.  Some have this great purpley color underneath a dusty mauve layer that covers the fruit. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are!

xoxo, Katie

St. Paddy’s Breakfast and a swap!


I would have gotten a better photo, but I was up and ready to drink this before sunrise.  Don’t be alarmed; it’s actually a green smoothie!  I’ve been trying to drink one every day to get my leafy greens in–you see, I hate salads.  From time to time, I’ll order one in a restaurant (sometimes because it sounds delish, sometimes because it’s my only option) but make one at home?  Crazy talk!  Yesterday’s was frozen pineapple, baby spinach, a splash of lemonade, and water.  My favorite so far is frozen mango, baby spinach, and orange juice.  Throw it all in a blender and you’re set.  Yum.

Lots of secret knitting stuff going on; in a pattern-writing and sample-knitting-slog this week.  I need to wrap it all up before the weekend because I’m itching to finish up Dax’s Loch Ness Monster and all that’s left on Chris’s hat is weaving in ends and blocking.  And I just signed up for a really fun swap; Adrian and Maritzaare organizing a crochet pot-holder/hot pad swap!  Sign-ups are through the 21st, so hop on over to the blog for details!



I used to think that whole pineapple was way too hard to cut up yourself, so when I wanted fresh pineapple I’d buy it in a tub at the store.  Then one day pineapples were on sale for a buck each at the store, so I brought one home.  And I did the most logical thing that anyone would do–let it sit on the counter almost too long and then make your husband cut it up, duh.  So I was still afraid of trying it myself. 

In the last week or two, I got a little obsessed with a delicious stir-fry recipe involving cashews, quinoa, and pineapple (from Veganomicon, the greatest cookbook I’ve ever had) and there were no tubs of precut goodness at the store so I brought home another whole pineapple and guess what?  It is not hard at all to chop up! I am no longer a slave to the precut pineapple! Aren’t we “afraid” of the dumbest things sometimes?  And then you just try it and wonder what the problem was all along? (See also: short-rows.)

Now I’m out of quinoa and that means I need to make a trip to Whole Foods but that would require a shower and that all sounds like too much for today.  I was telling myself that I could go there as a treat after I finished up my submissions for Twist, but little Dax is taking another long nap and I don’t think we’ll make it. 

I don’t think Dax is feeling well; he grabbed his ear a few times and has been awfully sleepy.  I also just learned that ear infections are typically not treated with any medications? Of course if he is acting sick I will take him to the doctor, but I just assumed that ear infections were treated with antibiotics.  The More You Know!

As I mentioned, I just finished up some submissions for Twist Collective.  I was so nervous working on them!  I really want to get into the Fall issue and swatching didn’t seem to be going too great, but maybe I’m just being to hard on myself.  I had to dump one idea I had because the yarn just wasn’t right, but it was a felted skirt that I definitely want to come back to.  I also need to get Illustrator or something to put together a more polished pdf.  (PDF and chart design is something I know little to nothing about and need to investigate for self-publishing too.)

This weekend I’ve got to finish up the crochet knitscene project, then it’s on to starting a knit knitscene project which should go pretty fast.  Right now, someone is waking from their nap and probably ready to play!


I love Thursdays!

Thank Jeebus for Thursdays!  I have a date with NBC and personal knitting projects. Leftovers for dinner.