Knitting Green: Eco Vest and Better Baby Rattle

When Ann Budd asks you to contribute to something she’s working on, there’s a really good chance you’ll get to be part of something special.  Knitting Green, Ann’s latest book, is one special something that I’m proud to be a part of.  And I’m absolutely honored to have one of my projects on the cover (Eco Vest, shown above).

The Eco Vest is truly one of my favorite designs.  I love the way the textures all work together; cables, garter stitch, and elongated slipped stitches finished off with a nice fat ribbed border and collar.  With no shaping to worry about, the vest is easy to work and can be worn open, with a button as shown, or with a shawl pin or stick.  And the yarn! Cascade Eco-Wool is a dream yarn for green knitters.  It is smooth, strong, and durable without being chemically processed or dyed.  Once washed, the yarn has this wonderful bloom and is a perfect match for cables and stockinette alike.  And it comes in big fat affordable skeins.  I love the jumbo skeins; they just make me happy!

I also designed the Better Baby Rattle.  Dax was the inspiration for this one (quelle surprise, non?).  When he was really tiny, he had a hard time holding on to traditional rattles, but he had one kind of oval-shaped one that he loved.  Only problem, it was hard plastic and he ended up hitting himself in the head a lot! So I wanted to create a soft toy that even the littlest could enjoy. 

This is a great gift project involving some simple shaping and short rows, and you could create all sorts of different characters by changing the embroidery.  The Plymouth Oceanside Organic is a smooth and sturdy cotton that will stand up to drool and play. You could easily turn one out in an evening the night before a baby shower or while waiting for a new baby to come home!

I hope you enjoy Knitting Green as much as I do.  I’m the caboose on this blog tour, so stop by the previous participant’s blogs if you haven’t yet!

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