FO: Firecracker

Oh, I love it so!

Sunday we went to Loveland’s Benson Sculpture Garden to photograph Firecracker.  It was HOT, but the park was a beautiful, shady location to snap some photos and keep Dax occupied too.

I’m finding that patternwriting is difficult to do at the end of the day (especially when one’s sleep has been interrupted by a teething almost-two-year-old) so I think I need to have some dedicated work time outside of the house this weekend.  The pattern is really straightforward and should be easy to size, I just need a little more focus!

After that, I will be sending the photos and pattern to a wonderful graphic designer friend and I hope to have the pdf available on Ravelry soon!



I’ve been working on a design to release independently; it’s almost done, so here’s a sneak peek:

I’ll post the pattern pics as soon as we shoot them-hopefully next weekend! I’m really excited about this design–it’s cute, easy, and pretty.

Look at these cute heart-shaped leaves from our rosebush! I have no idea how that happened; the whole plant is weird. It was here when we moved in and was always just bushy. This year though, it stared shooting up all these vines with different foliage.

I’m resisting the urge to start a small shawl. I just feel like knitting more lace! I do have yarn ready to go for a big monster for Dax, and he deserves a treat.

Happy Knitting!

I made some things!

So, first I designed this hat in September:

And just as I finished it, I saw this. I thought “okay, it’s constructed differently; I’ll contact Alex and see if she’s alright with my version” and I did and she was.  I decided I’d offer three sizes too.  Then this.  And, just this morning, this one.  I don’t know how I didn’t come across these patterns earlier!  So I’ll just write it up in one size and offer the pdf for free on Ravelry.  It should be good practice at any rate.

I made Dax a hat and beard and dressed him as a gnome for Halloween.  It was cheap and easy and he liked it much better than the lion costume we tried first!

I tried so hard to get a picture of him straight on, looking at the camera, standing still for just one second, just one picture, please! but it is completely impossible right now! He is always on the move.

And I finished up his Loch Ness Monster too. I am just glad to have finished it.  Hansi wrote a great pattern and the directions aren’t hard to follow, but my goodness does the knitting require some patience!

I do feel like knitting some more toys now; maybe Dax will get an owl or a monster for Christmas.  He loves stuffed animals and squishy pillows.  But next time I am picking fat yarn and needles!

Yesterday I started making some felted slippers–I saw on some Ravelry project pages that people were knitting them up in only a few hours, and I thought it would take me much longer, but no!  These go super fast!  I just have to finish the seaming and they will be ready to felt.  They are also super ugly before felting! So I haven’t taken a picture yet!

Oh geez, I almost forgot–I’ve also been working on an awesome project with one of Derrick’s family members.  It’s kind of a secret at the moment but it involves corn, knitting, and a football team.  I hope it all works out and I will be sure to share pictures when it comes to fruition :).

Interweave Knits and knitscene Fall 2009

Yay, I can share some secret knitting!

First up, the Felicity Hat from Fall Interweave Knits. I love love love this hat.  Even Derrick said “That’s a nice design!”.  The yarn, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light, is warm and beautiful; the heathery colors were perfect for this project.

I snapped a few photos before sending the hat away for the photoshoot.

The best thing about this hat is that it was a fun challenge to design.  It’s knit flat; the rows go from the brim to the crown and the hat is shaped into wedges using short rows.  I like the crisp look of the 1×1 rib which was picked up after the hat was sewn together (I grafted the live stitches to the cast-on stitches for a virtually invisible seam).  I don’t often think that I look good in hats but I think this one is super flattering and I would love to knit another just for me!

The colors and stripes remins me of the snow/skateboarder’s sweaters from the late 90’s; the ones with the stripes down the sleeves and across the chest.  So I named it “Felicity” for the TV show that just screams late 90’s.

Next, the Maximum Stripe Pullover from the Fall issue of knitscene!

I loved knitting this stitch pattern; it’s a modified sailor rib worked mostly in the round. The result is a cushy and stretchy sweater that is easy to knit and cute to wear!

Snow Day/Sneak Peek

Some snow

Some secret knitting

Some more growing

Lots of cuddling

Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is?

I don’t know the origins of that little rhyme, but I heard it from my grandfather and my mom often when I was growing up, and now I always remember it when spring rolls around.  I get so impatient for spring and summer; in my mind, winter months are December through February and you bet I’m not happy if I see any snow after that!  Which ultimately means I’m setting myself up for disappointment every year.  I’m working on it.

Last week on a sunny afternoon, Dax “helped” me plant seeds for our garden.  We planted cilantro, lots of basil, tomatoes, summer squash, kohlrabi, peppers, and spinach.  I was surprised to see the pepper already sprouting on Sunday! Last year was my first attempt at a garden and I pretty much gave up.  I was hugely pregnant, it was very hot, I got a late start, and it just didn’t go well.  This year I remembered to start the seeds indoors and I’m spending more time at home so I want to really dedicate myself to the veggies.  I’m planning on planting the herbs and tomatoes in containers and the rest in our raised bed. 

Derrick thinks I am just going to kill everything, so it’s on like Cheech & Chong. I can’t resist a challenge.

On the knitting front: more and more and more secret knitting.  But when I feel like it is about to do me in, I sneak a few rows on my Monkey. 

I love turning heels.  It may be my favorite part of sock knitting. (It’s definitely not knitting twisted rib.)

After I finish secretly knitting secret things, I want to design a slouchy hat.  Do you think the world can sustain another?  Or will it upset the balance of the world, stretching the fabric of the universe until it can bear the weight of slouchy-hat-patterns no longer? We’ll just have to see what happens.  I was inspired by a hat that Russell Brand of all people was wearing in a photo (Russell Brand is a crude British comedian with a….curious fashion sense.  He played the rock star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall if you’ve seen it.).  So I’m thinking of knitting it in this yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I’ll swatch and see how it goes; it may be way too drapey for what I have in mind, something a little tam-ish. 

 Spa by Caron; 75% acrylic, 25% bamboo

Hobby Lobby (tha HL, if you roll like dat) has some interesting yarns.  I saw more sock yarns and “natural” yarns than last time I was there.  I wonder if the more “budget-friendly” yarn companies will be experiencing growth due to the economy?  Crafts tend to be pretty secure during recessions but I’d be interested to see if people are spending their money in different places and on different items.  I’m definitely going to make a conscious effort to support my LYS (as well as other local and independent businesses) because they are often hit hard. 

Okay, that was quite a tangent!  Got to get back to knitting!

xoxo, Katie

St. Paddy’s Breakfast and a swap!


I would have gotten a better photo, but I was up and ready to drink this before sunrise.  Don’t be alarmed; it’s actually a green smoothie!  I’ve been trying to drink one every day to get my leafy greens in–you see, I hate salads.  From time to time, I’ll order one in a restaurant (sometimes because it sounds delish, sometimes because it’s my only option) but make one at home?  Crazy talk!  Yesterday’s was frozen pineapple, baby spinach, a splash of lemonade, and water.  My favorite so far is frozen mango, baby spinach, and orange juice.  Throw it all in a blender and you’re set.  Yum.

Lots of secret knitting stuff going on; in a pattern-writing and sample-knitting-slog this week.  I need to wrap it all up before the weekend because I’m itching to finish up Dax’s Loch Ness Monster and all that’s left on Chris’s hat is weaving in ends and blocking.  And I just signed up for a really fun swap; Adrian and Maritzaare organizing a crochet pot-holder/hot pad swap!  Sign-ups are through the 21st, so hop on over to the blog for details!


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