FO: Firecracker

Oh, I love it so!

Sunday we went to Loveland’s Benson Sculpture Garden to photograph Firecracker.  It was HOT, but the park was a beautiful, shady location to snap some photos and keep Dax occupied too.

I’m finding that patternwriting is difficult to do at the end of the day (especially when one’s sleep has been interrupted by a teething almost-two-year-old) so I think I need to have some dedicated work time outside of the house this weekend.  The pattern is really straightforward and should be easy to size, I just need a little more focus!

After that, I will be sending the photos and pattern to a wonderful graphic designer friend and I hope to have the pdf available on Ravelry soon!



I’ve been working on a design to release independently; it’s almost done, so here’s a sneak peek:

I’ll post the pattern pics as soon as we shoot them-hopefully next weekend! I’m really excited about this design–it’s cute, easy, and pretty.

Look at these cute heart-shaped leaves from our rosebush! I have no idea how that happened; the whole plant is weird. It was here when we moved in and was always just bushy. This year though, it stared shooting up all these vines with different foliage.

I’m resisting the urge to start a small shawl. I just feel like knitting more lace! I do have yarn ready to go for a big monster for Dax, and he deserves a treat.

Happy Knitting!

Go Huskers!

Almost a year ago, I got an email from Derrick’s cousin Cody about a business he was starting up.  He had heard that I am a knitwear designer, and was looking for someone to knit up a prototype for a product idea. 

As you may or may not know, the University of Nebraska football team is called the Cornhuskers (informally the “Huskers”).  Cody came up with a hand gesture he dubbed the “corn finger” that fans can do to show their support–by holding your hand up, fingers together, and bending your pinky, your hand resembles a partially husked cob of corn.  The first product was a giant foam hand giving the corn finger gesture. 

So, seeing as how many football games are played in cold weather, Cody wanted to produce a mitten with a separate pinky so that fans could still throw up their corn finger while staying warm! Here’s what I came up with:

And now they are being manufactured! Some changes were made due to gauge and to streamline the process I imagine, but it’s a thrill to see something I knit being made available for sale! Go Huskers!

To see the mittens and other CornFinger products, visit their site at

Knitting Green: Eco Vest and Better Baby Rattle

When Ann Budd asks you to contribute to something she’s working on, there’s a really good chance you’ll get to be part of something special.  Knitting Green, Ann’s latest book, is one special something that I’m proud to be a part of.  And I’m absolutely honored to have one of my projects on the cover (Eco Vest, shown above).

The Eco Vest is truly one of my favorite designs.  I love the way the textures all work together; cables, garter stitch, and elongated slipped stitches finished off with a nice fat ribbed border and collar.  With no shaping to worry about, the vest is easy to work and can be worn open, with a button as shown, or with a shawl pin or stick.  And the yarn! Cascade Eco-Wool is a dream yarn for green knitters.  It is smooth, strong, and durable without being chemically processed or dyed.  Once washed, the yarn has this wonderful bloom and is a perfect match for cables and stockinette alike.  And it comes in big fat affordable skeins.  I love the jumbo skeins; they just make me happy!

I also designed the Better Baby Rattle.  Dax was the inspiration for this one (quelle surprise, non?).  When he was really tiny, he had a hard time holding on to traditional rattles, but he had one kind of oval-shaped one that he loved.  Only problem, it was hard plastic and he ended up hitting himself in the head a lot! So I wanted to create a soft toy that even the littlest could enjoy. 

This is a great gift project involving some simple shaping and short rows, and you could create all sorts of different characters by changing the embroidery.  The Plymouth Oceanside Organic is a smooth and sturdy cotton that will stand up to drool and play. You could easily turn one out in an evening the night before a baby shower or while waiting for a new baby to come home!

I hope you enjoy Knitting Green as much as I do.  I’m the caboose on this blog tour, so stop by the previous participant’s blogs if you haven’t yet!

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I made some things!

So, first I designed this hat in September:

And just as I finished it, I saw this. I thought “okay, it’s constructed differently; I’ll contact Alex and see if she’s alright with my version” and I did and she was.  I decided I’d offer three sizes too.  Then this.  And, just this morning, this one.  I don’t know how I didn’t come across these patterns earlier!  So I’ll just write it up in one size and offer the pdf for free on Ravelry.  It should be good practice at any rate.

I made Dax a hat and beard and dressed him as a gnome for Halloween.  It was cheap and easy and he liked it much better than the lion costume we tried first!

I tried so hard to get a picture of him straight on, looking at the camera, standing still for just one second, just one picture, please! but it is completely impossible right now! He is always on the move.

And I finished up his Loch Ness Monster too. I am just glad to have finished it.  Hansi wrote a great pattern and the directions aren’t hard to follow, but my goodness does the knitting require some patience!

I do feel like knitting some more toys now; maybe Dax will get an owl or a monster for Christmas.  He loves stuffed animals and squishy pillows.  But next time I am picking fat yarn and needles!

Yesterday I started making some felted slippers–I saw on some Ravelry project pages that people were knitting them up in only a few hours, and I thought it would take me much longer, but no!  These go super fast!  I just have to finish the seaming and they will be ready to felt.  They are also super ugly before felting! So I haven’t taken a picture yet!

Oh geez, I almost forgot–I’ve also been working on an awesome project with one of Derrick’s family members.  It’s kind of a secret at the moment but it involves corn, knitting, and a football team.  I hope it all works out and I will be sure to share pictures when it comes to fruition :).

Interweave Knits Weekend and mommy stuff

Yes, that is my baby and me on the cover of Weekend in the jacket I knitted–what a thrill that was for me! The issue looks really good; the magazine has been redesigned a little with new fonts and the patterns appearing directly after each “story” and I like the changes quite a bit.  There are also tidbits of info tucked into some patterns and throughout the magazine which I hope will continue as it is a nice touch.

Last week, Dax turned ONE! I can’t believe it has only taken a year to go from tiny fragile newborn to almost walking, almost talking busy boy.

He’s been into making funny faces. 

Fall is in the air around here and I’m working on a hat pattern that I hope to release within a few weeks–I’ll snap some progress shots this week to share.  I have more ideas I want to knit, but the knitting that actually comes to be never really quite catches up to what you can imagine in your head, unfortunately!

xoxo Katie

Interweave Knits and knitscene Fall 2009

Yay, I can share some secret knitting!

First up, the Felicity Hat from Fall Interweave Knits. I love love love this hat.  Even Derrick said “That’s a nice design!”.  The yarn, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light, is warm and beautiful; the heathery colors were perfect for this project.

I snapped a few photos before sending the hat away for the photoshoot.

The best thing about this hat is that it was a fun challenge to design.  It’s knit flat; the rows go from the brim to the crown and the hat is shaped into wedges using short rows.  I like the crisp look of the 1×1 rib which was picked up after the hat was sewn together (I grafted the live stitches to the cast-on stitches for a virtually invisible seam).  I don’t often think that I look good in hats but I think this one is super flattering and I would love to knit another just for me!

The colors and stripes remins me of the snow/skateboarder’s sweaters from the late 90’s; the ones with the stripes down the sleeves and across the chest.  So I named it “Felicity” for the TV show that just screams late 90’s.

Next, the Maximum Stripe Pullover from the Fall issue of knitscene!

I loved knitting this stitch pattern; it’s a modified sailor rib worked mostly in the round. The result is a cushy and stretchy sweater that is easy to knit and cute to wear!

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