How to Make it Rain: 

(NOTE: This instructional guide is intended to produce droplets of water falling from the sky, NOT dollar bills.  For more on the monetary version of Making it Rain, please see the entry on Jones, Pacman 1A as a lesson on how to Make it Rain (Selectively).)

Step 1: Select a book you’d like to read.

Step 2: Take said book and any awake children left in your charge outside.

Step 3: (Optional, but further guarantees presence of rain) Water your garden.

Step 4: Sit down.  Rain should commence within 30 seconds if it did not already begin during Step 3. 

How to Make it Stop Raining

Step 1: Take your unread book indoors.  You have completed this “How to Make it Stop Raining” Guide!

I have pictures of knitting, the kiddo, and the garden, but flickr and our new internet are not friendly.  The new internet makes me curse a boatload. 


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