Go Huskers!

Almost a year ago, I got an email from Derrick’s cousin Cody about a business he was starting up.  He had heard that I am a knitwear designer, and was looking for someone to knit up a prototype for a product idea. 

As you may or may not know, the University of Nebraska football team is called the Cornhuskers (informally the “Huskers”).  Cody came up with a hand gesture he dubbed the “corn finger” that fans can do to show their support–by holding your hand up, fingers together, and bending your pinky, your hand resembles a partially husked cob of corn.  The first product was a giant foam hand giving the corn finger gesture. 

So, seeing as how many football games are played in cold weather, Cody wanted to produce a mitten with a separate pinky so that fans could still throw up their corn finger while staying warm! Here’s what I came up with:

And now they are being manufactured! Some changes were made due to gauge and to streamline the process I imagine, but it’s a thrill to see something I knit being made available for sale! Go Huskers!

To see the mittens and other CornFinger products, visit their site at cornfinger.com.


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