Interweave Knits Weekend and mommy stuff

Yes, that is my baby and me on the cover of Weekend in the jacket I knitted–what a thrill that was for me! The issue looks really good; the magazine has been redesigned a little with new fonts and the patterns appearing directly after each “story” and I like the changes quite a bit.  There are also tidbits of info tucked into some patterns and throughout the magazine which I hope will continue as it is a nice touch.

Last week, Dax turned ONE! I can’t believe it has only taken a year to go from tiny fragile newborn to almost walking, almost talking busy boy.

He’s been into making funny faces. 

Fall is in the air around here and I’m working on a hat pattern that I hope to release within a few weeks–I’ll snap some progress shots this week to share.  I have more ideas I want to knit, but the knitting that actually comes to be never really quite catches up to what you can imagine in your head, unfortunately!

xoxo Katie