Interweave Knits and knitscene Fall 2009

Yay, I can share some secret knitting!

First up, the Felicity Hat from Fall Interweave Knits. I love love love this hat.  Even Derrick said “That’s a nice design!”.  The yarn, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light, is warm and beautiful; the heathery colors were perfect for this project.

I snapped a few photos before sending the hat away for the photoshoot.

The best thing about this hat is that it was a fun challenge to design.  It’s knit flat; the rows go from the brim to the crown and the hat is shaped into wedges using short rows.  I like the crisp look of the 1×1 rib which was picked up after the hat was sewn together (I grafted the live stitches to the cast-on stitches for a virtually invisible seam).  I don’t often think that I look good in hats but I think this one is super flattering and I would love to knit another just for me!

The colors and stripes remins me of the snow/skateboarder’s sweaters from the late 90’s; the ones with the stripes down the sleeves and across the chest.  So I named it “Felicity” for the TV show that just screams late 90’s.

Next, the Maximum Stripe Pullover from the Fall issue of knitscene!

I loved knitting this stitch pattern; it’s a modified sailor rib worked mostly in the round. The result is a cushy and stretchy sweater that is easy to knit and cute to wear!


Summer Craftiness

Well, I’ve been feeling a little more like knitting but I’m not pushing it at the moment.  I’ve been sewing; finishing up some curtains I started a long time ago and now the three big windows in our living room are covered. 

It’s been pretty hot here and I really like drawing the curtains and hanging out in a darker room during the day.


And then there’s this dress.  The darts are done, the zipper’s in, but I am having some trouble with the curved yoke seam.  It’s crazy and I haven’t felt up to tackling easing it in.  The pattern looked easy enough, but yuck on the yoke!  Stripes also may not have been the best fabric choice, but I like it and it came from my overflowing stash.

This is the Trellis and Keyhole Tank by Connie Chang Chinchiofrom Summer 09 Knits–the Hempathy I pulled from my stash is a little different gaugewise so I’ve fiddled with the numbers and changed the shaping a little too.  Stockinette in the round is some of my favorite knitting and easy to do at the end of the day while almost asleep.  We’ve been watching Conan on the Tonight Show recently and I miss the wackiness they had at Late Night but I do appreciate the earlier time; I knit and watch as much of the show as I can before totally crashing out.  Everyone hears it from parents, but gah, so tired!  Once they get mobile, man, it’s all over.