Out of the loop

Someone really likes to swing!

Someone really likes to swing!

My lack of posting here reflects my recent inability to keep up with what’s happening in the knitting world-online, in print, everywhere.  I feel such a disconnect due to the fact that I’ve been finishing up a deluge of contract knitting; I haven’t even been able to take the time to get inspired and submit new ideas.  Finding balance between motherhood and being me is continuing to be a challenge and though I have a feeling that will always be the case, I also think we will be able to find something that works for us.  We’re just not quite there yet.

So what’s been happening?  What have I missed?  Have you seen anything awesome recently? I would love to hear about it; link it or mention it in the comments and I’d really appreciate it!

To fall back in love with knitting, I think a personal and seasonal project is in order, and most importantly a pre-written pattern! I’m thinking a cute, flowy, summery tank or tunic.  I’ll have to poke around the stash tonight and see what I can come up with; I know I have some linen, hempathy, bamboo, and even soy up there…hmmmm.  I’m excited by the possibilities!