Snow Day/Sneak Peek

Some snow

Some secret knitting

Some more growing

Lots of cuddling


Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is?

I don’t know the origins of that little rhyme, but I heard it from my grandfather and my mom often when I was growing up, and now I always remember it when spring rolls around.  I get so impatient for spring and summer; in my mind, winter months are December through February and you bet I’m not happy if I see any snow after that!  Which ultimately means I’m setting myself up for disappointment every year.  I’m working on it.

Last week on a sunny afternoon, Dax “helped” me plant seeds for our garden.  We planted cilantro, lots of basil, tomatoes, summer squash, kohlrabi, peppers, and spinach.  I was surprised to see the pepper already sprouting on Sunday! Last year was my first attempt at a garden and I pretty much gave up.  I was hugely pregnant, it was very hot, I got a late start, and it just didn’t go well.  This year I remembered to start the seeds indoors and I’m spending more time at home so I want to really dedicate myself to the veggies.  I’m planning on planting the herbs and tomatoes in containers and the rest in our raised bed. 

Derrick thinks I am just going to kill everything, so it’s on like Cheech & Chong. I can’t resist a challenge.

On the knitting front: more and more and more secret knitting.  But when I feel like it is about to do me in, I sneak a few rows on my Monkey. 

I love turning heels.  It may be my favorite part of sock knitting. (It’s definitely not knitting twisted rib.)

After I finish secretly knitting secret things, I want to design a slouchy hat.  Do you think the world can sustain another?  Or will it upset the balance of the world, stretching the fabric of the universe until it can bear the weight of slouchy-hat-patterns no longer? We’ll just have to see what happens.  I was inspired by a hat that Russell Brand of all people was wearing in a photo (Russell Brand is a crude British comedian with a….curious fashion sense.  He played the rock star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall if you’ve seen it.).  So I’m thinking of knitting it in this yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I’ll swatch and see how it goes; it may be way too drapey for what I have in mind, something a little tam-ish. 

 Spa by Caron; 75% acrylic, 25% bamboo

Hobby Lobby (tha HL, if you roll like dat) has some interesting yarns.  I saw more sock yarns and “natural” yarns than last time I was there.  I wonder if the more “budget-friendly” yarn companies will be experiencing growth due to the economy?  Crafts tend to be pretty secure during recessions but I’d be interested to see if people are spending their money in different places and on different items.  I’m definitely going to make a conscious effort to support my LYS (as well as other local and independent businesses) because they are often hit hard. 

Okay, that was quite a tangent!  Got to get back to knitting!

xoxo, Katie

St. Paddy’s Breakfast and a swap!


I would have gotten a better photo, but I was up and ready to drink this before sunrise.  Don’t be alarmed; it’s actually a green smoothie!  I’ve been trying to drink one every day to get my leafy greens in–you see, I hate salads.  From time to time, I’ll order one in a restaurant (sometimes because it sounds delish, sometimes because it’s my only option) but make one at home?  Crazy talk!  Yesterday’s was frozen pineapple, baby spinach, a splash of lemonade, and water.  My favorite so far is frozen mango, baby spinach, and orange juice.  Throw it all in a blender and you’re set.  Yum.

Lots of secret knitting stuff going on; in a pattern-writing and sample-knitting-slog this week.  I need to wrap it all up before the weekend because I’m itching to finish up Dax’s Loch Ness Monster and all that’s left on Chris’s hat is weaving in ends and blocking.  And I just signed up for a really fun swap; Adrian and Maritzaare organizing a crochet pot-holder/hot pad swap!  Sign-ups are through the 21st, so hop on over to the blog for details!


TMI (too much inspiration)

I’ve made a little progress on the Monkey socks while Dax has been napping.  This pattern is lots of fun and easy to memorize (as the 8, 338 other folks on Ravelry who have made it can surely attest!). 

Last week, I picked up two new magazines,  Craft Stylish and Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine Spring/Summer 2009.  I just figured out via Ravelry that the Debbie Bliss one is actually (some? or all?) reprinted patterns.  I don’t mind as I don’t have any DB pattern booklets and there are quite a few things I found inspiring.  I love to look at knitting patterns; I usually get lots of new ideas for designs and it just gets me excited about knitting.  First up I’d like to knit this for summer, and I might have enough Euroflax in a nice neutral in my stash to do it:

The neckline seems a little shifty, but any potential wardrobe malfunction could be prevented with a tank top. 

I also liked this cardigan, but realized that it has a hood and drop sleeves, and that I’d really have to redesign it to get what I want.  The mistake rib is really what drew me in, so I might just borrow the stitch pattern and come up with a nice spring cardigan myself. Motherhood has changed some things about my style; I end up wearing cardigans or hooded sweatshirts more often than pullovers (especially convenient for breastfeeding) but have knit mostly pullovers in the past.  I’m also finding that I feel like I can’t wear anything with a lot of fuzz around the baby; it just feels like more potential for dirtying it or something.  Yarn with a smooth, cool hand would be better.  And I miss accessories! Too many things for Dax to grab onto and rip or put in his mouth. 

And the Craft Stylish magazine had a really cute idea for refashioning a big t shirt into a really cute tunic, which got all kinds of sewing fantasies in my head.  (I found the rest of the magazine to be kind of meh; the projects didn’t all seem to be aimed at the same reader; some were very trendy and others a little frumpier.) I have too much fabric (and clothes, really) that I should do  and want to do something with.  Could I really set aside say 2 hours a week to revamp/sew something for myself?  I think I’m going to try to do just that.  After I finish the curtains that have been sitting around since July…….


My Scout’s Swag Kill Bill sock yarn came yesterday!  It’s beautiful! I’m casting on for Monkey right away.  Eeeee, I’m so excited! Love!!!

Cobblestone Cowl

I whipped this cowl up a few weeks back; I had a great skein of cashmere on hand that I got at TNNA a few years ago and I wanted a way to really enjoy it.  I went super simple; a giant crochet hook, chained until it fit over my head, dc through the back loop only until the yarn ran out. 

Love! Cowls are very convenient for mommies; I love scarves but they have been getting in the way.  And the luxurious fiber around my neck is a treat too. 

I want to talk more about style and being a mom, but that will have to wait until I’m feeling more coherent (maybe in a few years or so ;) ?  I originally typed “mommys” and “scarfs” up there.)  I picked up a few magazines last week that have been really inspiring and gotten me thinking about knitting and my wardrobe. 

xoxo Katie