Converting a triangle shawl into a square

So, I had some questions from readers and on Ravelry about how to turn the Shetland Triangle pattern into a square.  Start out by thinking about the triangle and the construction of the shawl.  The Shetland Triangle is a right triangle, and a square can be bisected into two right triangles.  So, to create a square, you are basically casting on two triangle shawls together and working them in the round.  Here’s a really crappy drawing of the concept:


This type of shawl “grows” from just a few stitches at the center of the top edge and is worked in the direction of the arrows in the first image.  The Shetland Square has border stitches at the beginning and end of each row, creating a nice edge along the top of the shawl.  This needs to be adjusted when casting on for the square version of the shawl; the triangle version has a knit center stitch, so I left one knit stitch between the triangles (the double brown line in the second figure). 

If you’re working from a pattern that is cast-on at the two legs of the right angle and decreased to the top edge, the same basic idea applies. 

I hope that’s clear!  Let me know if there are any questions and I’ll add the answers to the post.


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