Yay Crochet!

I’m going to rip that hat back to the bright green stripes–I decided that’s where I started to question the colors.  Then I’ll repeat the blue, yellow, red, and two browns in random stripes.  Six colors in one hat is probably sufficient!

This weekend I spent a few hours crocheting this hat for Dax; the idea seized me and I just had to try it out.  It’s a little too pointy at the top, but otherwise I think it’s hilariously adorable as all good baby hats are.  I was hoping the brim would keep the sun out of his eyes, but it is a little too small for that.  I was surprised how fast it went! 

I also spent some time working on this project for knitscene’s Fall 09 issue (I think it’s the Fall issue!).  So just a little sneaky peek for now:

Yes, the yarn is turning the bamboo hook blue!  I’m loving this design and how fast the crocheting goes.  I also love bamboo hooks; when I first was learning how to crochet, I gripped the hook so tight that it was painful and (along with loosening up over time) bamboo hooks help quite a lot.

 Yay crochet!

xoxo Katie


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