Shetland Square

I finished Dax’s blanket! It turned out bigger than I was expecting.

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton

Needles: US 10 1/2 circs

The only bad thing about this project is that the rounds kept getting longer and longer since it was worked from the center out.  That really can put a damper on a project (see also my long-abandoned Icarus Shawl (ravelry link)).  But it was worth it for my little guy.

Still plugging away on the knitscene crochet project and hoping I can work on Chris’s hat this week too.  I’m anxiously awaiting some Scout’s Swag sock yarn in the Kill Bill colorway (my favorite movie(s) ever!) that I ordered for my birthday, so if I can finish the hat, I can get started on socks as soon it arrives. I’m thinking it’ll make a great pair of  Monkeys (Ravelry link).  I’ve knit a few pairs of socks for various members of my fam, but never just for me.

xoxo Katie


I love Thursdays!

Thank Jeebus for Thursdays!  I have a date with NBC and personal knitting projects. Leftovers for dinner.


Yay Crochet!

I’m going to rip that hat back to the bright green stripes–I decided that’s where I started to question the colors.  Then I’ll repeat the blue, yellow, red, and two browns in random stripes.  Six colors in one hat is probably sufficient!

This weekend I spent a few hours crocheting this hat for Dax; the idea seized me and I just had to try it out.  It’s a little too pointy at the top, but otherwise I think it’s hilariously adorable as all good baby hats are.  I was hoping the brim would keep the sun out of his eyes, but it is a little too small for that.  I was surprised how fast it went! 

I also spent some time working on this project for knitscene’s Fall 09 issue (I think it’s the Fall issue!).  So just a little sneaky peek for now:

Yes, the yarn is turning the bamboo hook blue!  I’m loving this design and how fast the crocheting goes.  I also love bamboo hooks; when I first was learning how to crochet, I gripped the hook so tight that it was painful and (along with loosening up over time) bamboo hooks help quite a lot.

 Yay crochet!

xoxo Katie

Couch Surfing

I’ve found myself stuck on the couch with Dax napping on my chest. There are worse places to be.  Hooray for laptops and one-handed typing, right?

The past few evenings have been spent working on new designs for submissions.  I’m really enjoying the opportunity to sketch, as it’s something I don’t usually set time aside to do unless I have a specific reason.  But that doesn’t leave much I can share here.  I’ve been working on this hat off and on, but now I’m not sure about the colors. They seem kind of weird in the daylight.

Yarn: Random Koigu KPM
Needles: size 2 Addis

Yeah, I don’t know about those stripes. I intended for them to be “crazy color combos” but something just seems wrong. Hmmm.  I borrowed the shaping and general measurements from brooklyntweed’s Turn a Square.

xoxo Katie

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

I’ve written this post in my head dozens of times and it still probably won’t come out quite right.  How do you begin a blog?  You have to start somewhere I suppose.  Some post will, by default, be the very first.  Just like beginning a sweater, it may not seem like much at the start, but with any luck, it has the potential to become a well-worn and comfortable thing. 

This past year brought some big changes to my life.  My husband and I expanded our family with the arrival of our son Dax, and I decided to leave my position at Interweave to stay at home with him.  Now I will be pursuing work as a knitwear designer and hope to share some of my process here along with other knitting I do.  And I’m sure other bits of my life will float in as well; I love to craft and do other… stuff that will potentially be blogworthy!

Let’s start with an FO; my Christmas knitting was surprisingly fruitful this year.  Here’s a pair of plain-old socks I knit for my sister. 

I used one of the Miss Babs yarns in the Cleopatra colorway.  The socks were knit top-down though I usually prefer toe-up.  She loved them!

xoxo Katie